Chef Bob Schultz Named to NICA Board of Directors

Chef Bob Schultz Coaching GRCC Students at the NICA Collegiate Invitational

GRCC’s own Bob Schultz in the Secchia Institute for Culinary Education has been named to the National Ice Carving Association (NICA)Board of Directors.  From the NICA announcement:

We are glad to have Bob for the first time on our board. Bob is a multi-talented chef instructor at Grad Rapids Community College in Grand Rapids Michigan. He coaches many young ice carvers at various ice competitions and always brings great talent to the Collegiate Nationals each year in Frankenmuth, MI

Kudos to Chef Schultz on representing GRCC in the professional community!

One thought on “Chef Bob Schultz Named to NICA Board of Directors

  1. I still remember when you were starting out. I am very proud of your successes. There will be more coming your way. Congratulations!!!

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