Szymon Machajewski Wins 2011 Blackboard Catalyst Award for Innovative Development

Szymon Machajewski - Catalyst Award Winner

Caption: Szymon Machajewski pictured with the bbStats application (in the background) that he has developed and shared with the Blackboard open source community. bbStats provides a wealth of information for system administrators that includes a real-time dashboard of system activity and users, assessment reports, most active users, number of emails sent, and much more!

Congratulations to Szymon Machajewski, IT Senior Blackboard Solutions Engineer and Database Administrator who has won the 2011 Blackboard Catalyst Award for Innovative Development. Szymon will be recognized for his accomplishments at an award luncheon at the national Blackboard conference (BbWorld) this July in Las Vegas, NV. Szymon’s contributions to the Blackboard community have been recognized as invaluable to the participants at large. He joins a select group of e-Learning professionals, system administrators and institution staff from the around the world whose participation has been recognized as a significant and exemplary contribution to the Blackboard Community.

Here is a description of the Innovative Development category: Honoring those who work with development tools that directly impact teaching and learning, the Innovators Award recognizes those who give back to the community by sharing their development expertise with others. These recipients have had meaningful contributions to the Blackboard Developers Community which enable educational innovations that would not be possible otherwise. By significantly contributing to the overall community, these awards symbolize the innovation possible with software development and extending the Blackboard platform. ( More information on the award )

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9 Comments on “Szymon Machajewski Wins 2011 Blackboard Catalyst Award for Innovative Development”

  1. Eric Kunnen Says:

    Great job Szymon! This is a well-deserving honor for you and GRCC!

  2. Eric M Says:

    Awesome work, Szymon! Congrats.

  3. Luann Keizer Says:

    Szymon, what a great application; the reward is richly deserved! Congrats!

  4. Grace Schwanda Says:

    Great job Szymon. That new piano is making you even more creative.

  5. Wanda Acevedo-Ferrer Says:

    Congratulations. You must feel very honored. I am happy to see you win.

  6. Wanda Acevedo-Ferrer Says:

    Congratulations. You must feel very honored. I am happy to see you earn this recognition.

  7. Daniel Mish Says:

    Well done Szymon and congratulations!

  8. Thank you everyone for the ongoing support of my work and your comments. This recognition is founded in the ideas incubated by GRCC teams. They are ideas worth coding following the spirit of’s tag line: Ideas Worth Spreading. It takes a collaborative team and a village to deliver results. My special thanks to Eric Kunnen and Garry Brand for sticking up for our work when the wind was blowing in the opposite direction.

  9. […] community collaboration, mobile innovation, communications strategy, and staff development. (Szymon Machajewski received the 2011 Innovative Development Award last year for his work on developi….) The Exemplary Course Award Program award serves to recognize and promote best practices in the […]

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