Secchia Institute Department Head Dan Gendler – No Forked Tongue Here

Some of you may have heard this report on disposable utensils made from potatoes on MichiganRadio.

Wait a minute; we use the “potato forks” in our student-run Art & Bev’s. Is this a good thing? Dan Gendler, whose restaurant San Chez has always been a leader in sustainable practices in the food industry and who is our incoming Director of SICE, offers this information on our use of the potato forks.

“We separate our waste stream at the point of the user. Our compostables are sent to Spurt in Zealand. This facility is similar to the one in [the radio report]. Therefore our potato forks here at GRCC really do turn into rich topsoil. The more people know about this, hopefully, the more they will take time to separate their waste at Art and Bev’s.”

One more way we’re out in front when it comes to sustainability; one more way GRCC is distinctive.

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