Photos – Regional Education Forum With State Board of Education


Grand Rapids Community College hosted the West Michigan regional education forum sponsored by the State Board of Education on Monday, May 23. These forums are designed as listening and discussion sessions on current education conditions, reforms, and the future direction of education in Michigan.

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Local area education leaders in attendance and making remarks included:

  • Fiona Hert, Grand Rapids Community College, School of Workforce Development
  • Bernard Taylor, Superintendent, Grand Rapids Public Schools
  • Kevin Konarski, Kent County ISD Superintendent
  • Bill Smith, Kent ISD Student Engagement in High School reform
  • Michigan Federation of Teachers representative
  • Paul Drummond: Math-Science Center Network
  • Matthew VanZetten, Kent County Family and Children’s Coordinating Council
  • Michigan College Access Network

Members of the audience in attendance, which included teachers and concerned citizens, also made comments during the public forum portion of the event.

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