Photos – GRCC Net Zero House is a First in West Michigan

Supporting agencies (Small)

They’ve done it again. GRCC construction trades students have built another home for a Habitat for Humanity of Kent County family. But this one is different! It is Kent County’s first “net-zero” home. “Net-zero” means the home should create or save enough power to create zero utility expenses. You can see the large solar panels on the roof – and the sign out front that lists all the agencies that worked together to make this house happen.

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At Tuesday’s Open House the new homeowner Karen Libette (looking down from loft) was on hand to meet visitors and the building crew, led by GRCC Instructor Duane McIntyre, was there to answer questions. Karen, her five children and her mother, will move in on October 22 after the net-zero house is on the Spring and Fall Parade of Homes to show off its special sustainable qualities.

Notice the difference between the photo of the foundation, taken last February, which looks pretty small and the photo of the 5-bedroom house as it looks today.

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