Photos – Reverse Transfer Agreement Signing


Yesterday, surrounded by employers, elected officials, students and staff, the presidents of four area universities and Grand Rapids Community College signed a Reverse Transfer Associate Degree Initiative consortia agreement, further enhancing the “transfer and articulation” partnership that exists between these educational institutions.

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Under the partnership agreement, students from Davenport University, Ferris State University, Grand Valley State University and Western Michigan University could be granted an earned Associate Degree by combining credits from their transfer school with the credits they have previously earned from GRCC.  Read more here.

One thought on “Photos – Reverse Transfer Agreement Signing

  1. At least this is postive unlike the most issues at the college or such as Eric Willims being appointed to the President’s cabinet and both (Eric & the President) not truly wanting to address discrimination, and civil right violations regarding disabilites and accomodations at the college. Therefore in my opinion, protected by the first Amendment Eric Willims nor the President want to address discrimination and civil right violations of GRCC ingorning their own disability sheets in certain departments. GRCC does discriminate and/or treat unfairly certian stidents that have disabilites (mental, learning, and physical). This should be the case but it is. Take it to the President and it goes in one ear and out the other. The wife has decided she may have to go the Office of Civil Rights and/or file a Federal discrimination lawsuit becasue they (GRCC, the President, and Eric) will not meet with her with anyone else present or allow her to tape record them, that way they can twist everything around. Typical run around at GRCC. It is highly unfortunate this is the way the Aministration at GRCC hangdles true complaints. If the Board or others would would like to meet or discuss this and aren’t afraid of being tape recorded since many staff at GRCC twist words around we are happy to meet (616) 802-7405. None of us will meet alone or without a tape recorder due to continual harassment by GRCC.

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