Contactless RaiderCards Are Here – Get Yours Now

Contactless RaiderCard SymbolThey are here! The new contactless RaiderCards have arrived on the GRCC campus. No more need for “swiping”…just tap and go. Some of you may already have this new technology.

However, if you don’t, please visit Student Life before Friday, August 12 to get your very own contactless RaiderCard. Not to worry, your picture will still look good, and not having to swipe your RaiderCard will be…priceless.

So, get your new contactless RaiderCard now, and look for the symbol above starting August 1, and say good-bye to swiping on the GRCC campus. Tap and go…easier, more secure and way cooler.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I can’t get a new RaiderCard before August 12?

  • No worries, new contactless employee parking readers will still allow you to swipe in and out of the ramp until October 31, 2011. But we highly recommend that you get your contactless card before the fall student rush begins in late August.

Can I keep my existing RaiderCard photo?

  • Yes.

Where do I tap my new RaiderCard?

Will I be able to exit the parking ramp after getting a new card?

  • Yes.

How do I know if I already have a new contactless RaiderCard?

  • New contactless RaiderCards have the symbol above on their back.

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