GRCC Service Excellence Guidelines

GRCC Welcomes New and Returning Student to Fall Semester 2011. The information stations on campus assist during our opening week. Two suggestions during this busy time: Wear your name tag and reach out to students who appear lost and incorporate the GRCC Service Excellence Guidelines.

1. One Extra Service Step – “Is there anything else I can help you with?”
2. Personal Greeting – Identify yourself and office
3. Be Aware of Body Language – Be OPEN & INVITING
4. Acknowledge – “Thank you for waiting”
5. Listen & Ask Questions to Understand – Don’t assume!
6. Keep an Open Mind – Recognize diverse needs
7. Be a Problem Solver – Clear “next steps”
8. Strive for “Win/Win” – Don’t blame; deal with FEELINGS first, then get the FACTS
9. Use Telephone Courtesy – No “cold” transfers;
10. De-Stress – Pause & Re-energize

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