Opening Day Presentation by Scott Lewis – Photos and Resources


At last week’s Opening Day, GRCC faculty had the opportunity to attend a superb presentation by W. Scott Lewis JD, NCHERM, titled “Making A Difference: Managing Difficult Situations and People”

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From the description: “More and more, people in services and academic settings find themselves having to manage difficult situations and people. Preventing the disruption before it begins is key, but managing difficult people is a learned not innate skill. Using proven techniques, the presenter will draw on actual cases from his experience managing various environments and his training in diffusing difficult situations to teach participants how to prevent and handle these delicate situations by staying centered. These techniques have been presented to over 1,000 educators, managers and supervisors in the corporate and higher education environment, as well as to front-line staff and law enforcement.”

Faculty interested can download the template syllabus prepared by Professor Lewis here.

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