Smiles all around

Every class of dental hygiene students does fundraisers throughout their two years in the dental hygiene program to give money or other resources to a worthy cause whose goal is to further dental health and wellness. According to program instructor, Christine Dobberstein, the fundraising also creates a valuable bond between first and second year students.

The students’ latest gift was to Operation Smile after hearing about a local surgeon, volunteering his time and talent to help underprivileged children whose lives are devastated by congenital cleft lip and palate.

“The surgeon, Dr. Steven Naum, who does surgeries of the hand and upper extremities to fund volunteer efforts, has told us ‘it is such a blessing to be a part of this work’ and the students felt that same passion after studying the devastating physical and social/cultural effects of being born with cleft palate.”

The students were able to offer the organization enough money to pay for three of the surgeries and presented a certificate to Dr. Naum at their pinning ceremony, where the 31 GRCC graduates of the program were honored.

The students also donated books on oral health to the dental hygiene clinic and other books and toys to the GRCC child development programs.

(Ed. This article missed being published at the end of the semester last May, but this kind of good news never gets old.)

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