Raider Salute

From Penni Weninger:

A Raider Salute to Ed Sosa and those who helped him coordinate the Information Stations this week. It was a big job, but very well organized and appreciated by the students.

2 thoughts on “Raider Salute

  1. I’m sure every instructor appreciates this service. Many students benefited from the information stations, and who doesn’t want a piece of candy.

  2. * Amazing Raiders *
    – Information Station Volunteers
    On behalf of our new students, a BIG Thank you to all Amazing Raiders who ensured the success of Student Information Stations, from set-up to take down, to your expertise in answering questions, providing direction and teaching new students how to navigate our campus greatly enhanced new student success.

    Special thanks to our partner: Lake Michigan Credit Union for sponsoring the beverages, candy and credit card drawing.

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