Request for Assitance for Elly Bainbridge

A couple of weeks ago, GRCC Today shared with staff that Workforce Development staff person Elly Bainbridge and her husband Scott had been burned in a backyard accident. While both continue to recover, many of you have expressed an interest in providing support while both are healing (and not working.) Elly will likely be in the hospital for an additional 3 weeks.

Here is one option that would alleviate some of the financial stress: Elly and Scott have an account at Lake Michigan Credit Union. At any branch- but really easy to do here right on campus – people can simply say they want to make a donation to their savings account and that donation can be marked with a note so they know a donation has been made. The donor can add their name, or simply add a note anonymously. (Something like: Wishing Elly a speedy recovery!!) Of course all is confidential – thanks in advance for helping a colleague in need!

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