GRCC Partners with Comprenew to Reduce Reuse and Recycle

GRCC has teamed up with Comprenew to collect those unwanted electronics you’ve been wanting to get rid of around the house (or office). You know what these items are…old computers/monitors, keyboards, antique cell phones, televisions, power cords, speakers, printers, answering machines (what are those?), etc. You get the picture. The Comprenew e-Trailer will be available at these times and locations:

Date: October 5 – 7


  • Bostwick Commons by the Student Center Loading Dock
  • DeVos Campus(Administration Building) Parking Lot-NE Corner. We will use the first two parking spots located by the concrete barriers.
  • ATC Small Loading Dock. This will be mostly for staff as the loading dock doors cannot stay open all day.

Trailers will open at 6:30am and lock at 7:00pm daily. For the complete list, click here. A big thanks to our friends at Comprenew for doing their part to reduce, reuse and recycle by offering this service to GRCC and the community at no cost.

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