Your Favorite Banned Books

The American Library Association sponsors a yearly Banned Books Week campaign, an event celebrating the freedom to read and the First Amendment. In conjunction with the national observance, the Library & Learning Commons will house a display beginning Friday. It will showcase books that have been banned or challenged, but are available here.

In addition, we’d like to publish blog posts from staff, faculty, and students next week about their favorite banned book. Please email the title, author, and a paragraph or two about why you love that particular banned book to Lisa Rabey, It is also totally okay to have multiple submissions for the same book since everyone has different perspectives!

The campaign ends on October 1, so please send your comments before then.

One thought on “Your Favorite Banned Books

  1. My favorite banned or challenged book is Huck Finn. The challenges made to have the book banished are accusations of racism because of the era appropriate use of racist language. The irony and stupidity of this excuse to bully – oops I meant ban the book from school libraries is absurd since Huck’s humanity and decision to ignore the fake adults around him and be truly Christian in his deeds toward Jim is the central theme of the text. Bullying in many settings is popular today. We should stand against the banning of books by very vocal and sometimes very organized fakes who have little interest in anything but political power.
    Professor Sharon Wynkoop

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