Achieving the Dream is the Focus of Michigan Trustee Institute Being Held Today at GRCC

Achieving the Dream Michigan Trustee Institute 9/28/11

The Michigan Trustee Institute for Student Success is underway on our campus with representatives of community colleges across the state. This morning the group of about 150 gathered to hear Carol Lincoln, Senior Vice President, Achieving the Dream, Inc., discuss “Challenging The Status Quo.”

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GRCC is an Achieving The Dream College, joining the ranks of 160 community colleges across 30 states. Their initiative has been around closing the achievement gap between low income and minority students and others – which constitutes a majority population at most community colleges.

Preceding Lincoln was Byron McClenney, a 32-year community college chief executive from University of Texas Austin, who said his more than 50 years in education had taught him that community colleges can make important decisions with good data to base them upon. McClenney exhorted the audience members to break the pattern of taking on initiatives that end when funding ends.

The group broke into small groups after the plenary session to discuss what is being learned from ATD colleges that are making progress, putting student success in the heart of strategic planning and challenges ahead.

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