GRCC in the News 9/30/11

Grand Rapids Community College surpasses $15 million goal for renovations
Published: Thursday, September 29, 2011, 4:45 PM | Dave Murray | The Grand Rapids Press

GRAND RAPIDS – Grand Rapids Community College leaders say they’ve surpassed their $15 million goal to renovate buildings on two campuses.  The college is renaming one of the renovated buildings, Warren Hall on the DeVos Campus, after Stewart Edward White Hall, a writer whose lumber baron father, T. Stewart White, built the converted home in 1907. (More)

Theater: LCC’s Black Box explores dark subject
1:56 PM, Sep. 29, 2011

Any true student of fairy tales knows that most of the stories are dark and many tragic. They’re stories that in their original form are more likely to give a child nightmares than lure him to sleep. Many read like warning tales telling children that if they don’t behave, the Boogie Man will get them. [… Debora DeWitt] teaches at Grand Rapids Community College where she is the piano department chair.  (More)

Davenport, GRCC sign nursing deal
Wednesday, September 28, 2011 | 101 the Fox Radio

GRCC nursing students can now complete courses toward a bachelor’s degree at Davenport while continuing their classes at GRCC under an agreement signed Tuesday.  “Davenport University is proud to collaborate with GRCC as we contribute to a well trained workforce in the state of Michigan,” said Dr. Karen Daley, dean of Davenport University’s College of Health Professions, in a release.  (More)

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