Raider Salute to GRCC Staff Support During ETOM Conference

This Raider Salute comes from the Department of Distance Learning and Instructional Technologies:

The DLIT would like to thank GRCC for providing an outstanding venue for the state-wide ETOM (Educational Technology Organization of Michigan) Conference on October 14th.  More than 75 attendees from more than 14 college and universities state wide came to GRCC for sharing, connecting, and learning how to leverage technology in teaching and to advance distance learning.  Thank you to the following staff for exhibiting their excellence, innovation, and responsiveness values:

Welcome and Opening Remarks | Ric Underhile (AD ISIS and Center for Teaching Excellence)

Planning | Eric Kunnen, Jose Mora, and Meegan Lillis (DLIT)

Technology | Klaas Kwant, Todd Torrey, Hannah, Fred Bauman, Help Desk (IT and Media)

Facilities | Dewayn Faber, Joe Milito

Hospitality | Aaron Chew, Campus Dining

Faculty Attending and Presenting |  Kate Byerwalter, Brent Spitler, Lisa Gloege, Garry Brand, Szymon Machajewski, Gary Ebels, Ann Alexander, Ann Alexander, Nan Schichtel, Carol Brown, Jeff Neumann. Extra gold stars to Gary Ebels and Szymon Machajewski for presenting!

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