ESPs Welcome Kelli Chapman

GRCC ESPs would like to welcome Kelli Chapman to the college.  Kelli works as a Financial Aid Front Desk Specialist and has just moved back to Michigan from Virginia because she misses snow! Kelli has a bachelor’s degree from Davenport and has worked at Detroit College of Business, Davenport and Baker Colleges. She was last employeed as the coordinator of the Student Access Center at J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College in Richmond, Virginia.

Kelli Chapman

Kelli is married to Rod, a robotics technician at Fanuc Robotics, and is a mother of three boys: Ryan, 22; Michael, 20; and Nicholas, 15. She enjoys camping and can’t wait to go snowmobiling. She also likes to take math classes so that her kids don’t get smarter than her.

Welcome Kelli!