Two Events for Transfer Students Coming up

GRCC has two events scheduled this month to help transferring students make an easy transition to 4-year schools and be successful once they arrive.

First, representatives from at least 20 colleges and universities will converge on our Student Community Center this Wednesday for the semi-annual Transfer Fair from 1-5 PM.

The Transfer Fair is for students who know which school they are transferring to as well as for students who want to explore their options. Participants can pick up catalogs, applications and information about scholarships.

The second event, a workshop called “Transfer Shock,” set for Tuesday, November 29, is designed to prepare transfer students for the realities and heightened expectations of 4-year institutions. Attendees will be given tips so they can avoid typical pitfalls and succeed in the critical first semester at their new school. It will be offered twice on November 29 – from 11 to noon and from 1 to 2 pm – in GRCC’s Student Community Center multipurpose room.

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