Energy Program Continues to Yield Savings for GRCC

GRCC’s energy savings have climbed to over $2.5 million after three years with the national Energy Education program. Here are the numbers:

  • Cost without Energy Management (what GRCC would have spent before instituting energy savings practices) $9,469,262
  • Actual Cost with Energy Management $7,732,451
  • Cost Avoidance 18.3%
  • Special savings from rebates through local utilities $915,764
  • Total Savings $2,652,575

This is an energy reduction impact of 126,330 MMBTU or 13,253 equivalent metric tons of CO2

This equates to :

  • 2,379 passenger cars not being driven for one year or
  • 338,993 tree seedlings growing for ten years

If you have a question about the GRCC Energy Program please email

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