Plan ahead for winter semester course packs

Print Solutions is here to help you make your Winter Semester successful.

The staff at Print Solutions is looking forward to helping you get your printed course material for Winter Semester in a very timely manner. If you have already received your course assignments, please have your course pack orders turned in as soon as possible to ensure that they are ready and in the bookstore well in advance of the first day of classes.

Full-time Faculty deadline is November 30
Adjunct Faculty deadline is December 8

The dates provided are guidelines. We will accept orders after the suggested due dates, however, while we will make every attempt, we cannot guarantee they will be complete for the start of the semester.

Copyright Materials:
Please provide document sources and authors of any material that will require copyright clearance. Information, resources and proper forms can be found at The Library is available to assist you on how to obtain copyright permission. We can not process your printing without the proper copyright forms/permission.

Now is also a great time to put your quick copy orders in for course related materials for Winter Semester.

We would like to offer you a few useful tips:

1) Please send your quick copy orders to – this address should be used for course related materials only.

2) Please use appropriate names in the subject line that pertains to the material being sent – No generic naming such as “Test” or “Syllabus”. Example would be: Jones-Eng 101 syllabus, or Smith-Math 100 test 2

3) To avoid any confusion, please submit only 1 order per email.

4) It is ok to submit quick copy orders for the entire semester, however, due to the high demand for printing that we experience at the beginning of every semester, please extend your due dates to when you truly need the materials.

5) Please double check your order form to make sure that all the information is accurate before you send it.

6) Due to the high volume of orders we will be processing in the month of December, please plan ahead to allow for delayed time in getting your printing. At the start of each semester (and a few weeks preceding) all orders are processed on a first come first serve basis. About a week or two into the new semester, we will go back to our regular quick copy schedule.

For those of you who will have trouble getting us your printing needs early, please consider uploading your information to Blackboard to ensure that you have material for you students to look at while we complete your order.

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