Congratulations to these OHCC Certified Faculty Members

Please join the Center for Teaching Excellence and the Distance Learning and Instructional Technologies Department in congratulating our faculty members who have just completed GRCC’s Online/Hybrid Certification Course. Completion of this intense five-week course enables each of these faculty members to join 291 of their colleagues now certified to deliver courses via distance learning, providing our students with more options than ever to achieve their educational goals.

Congratulations to:

Barbara Bouthillier, Colleen Copus, Amy Kudrna, Richard Latimer, Bernard Liburd, Bernard Manker, Sharon Palmitier, Adrienne Phelps Coco, Paul Phifer, Lisa Price, Sophie Rubin, Mary Tibbets, Gary Webb, Keith Barth, Mary Bigelow, Dillon Carr, Robert Garlough, Timothy Gloege, Elizabeth Hawkins, Patricia Ingersoll, Susan Jazwiec, Stephanie Kazanas, and Anton Wishik

For more information and registration, visit

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