Foundation Scholarship Contributions

Nursing Students

In today’s economy, more students than ever rely on grants and scholarships for their education, this makes your support increasingly important. This past academic year, we awarded over $810,000 in scholarships to 906 students …and your generosity helped make this happen. Scholarship support for students like Brandi continues to be our funding priority, and we’re asking again for you to support GRCC students and their success.

“Your gift will provide important support for GRCC students – their success will have a positive effect on our community by making them job-ready and world-ready. By supporting student scholarships, you are helping us meet our greatest unmet need, and will inspire student success! “There are several scholarships available for students at many junctures in life… women returning to school, students pursuing nursing or other fields, minorities, academically gifted, and those with financial need. The variety of scholarships available enable everyone a chance to go back to school. I am hopeful that the donors who make the GRCC Foundation scholarships possible realize the huge impact they have on the lives of individual students, and subsequently on our community at large. I am truly grateful for their generous gifts.”
Brandi Miller
GRCC Scholarship Recipient

Our goal for this year’s annual fund is $650,000. GRCC students need your support more than ever – and, their education will provide a huge return on your investment.

Give Online to the GRCC Foundation

Special Tax Relief for you before December 31, 2011:

  • Michigan tax credit set to expire at the end of year! Businesses and corporations giving donations to a foundation can take a fifty percent tax credit on gifts of up to $10,000. A fifty percent tax credit is available for individual donors for each gift of $200, and for married couples for each gift of $400.
  • An IRA owner who is at least age 70½ can make a direct charitable contribution of up to $100,000 from his or her IRA tax free to the GRCC Foundation. Please consult your tax advisor for further details.

For other options on making a gift to the Foundation or for GRCC payroll deduction forms, please contact Trish Castiglione at 616.234.3739 or

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