2011 Year-End To Do List From Payroll

GRCC’s Payroll Department wants to make employees aware of these three important steps they need to take as the year comes to a close:

1. Using your most recent check or payroll advice, please verify the spelling of your first and last name, mailing address and withholding allowances. If any information is incorrect, please immediately contact the Payroll Office at ext. 4038, 3965 or 4018. The information on your paycheck/advice is what will be printed on your W-2. If your W-2 is different than your social security card, your earnings may not be credited properly into your social security account.

2. New W-4’s should be filled out if you’re filing status or exemption allowances have changed. Forms are available on the payroll web site, www.grcc.edu/payroll or stop by the payroll office.

3. If you are currently filing “exempt” on your W-4 (State and/or Federal), you are required to complete a new W-4 no later than February 1, 2012.

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