Raider Salute to Employees who Assisted With Counselors Breakfast

This Raider Salute was sent in by the Admissions Office:

“The Admissions Office would like to send a Raider Salute to the following staff who acted as table hosts during our Fall High School Counselor Breakfast on Friday Dec. 2nd: Anne Sherman, Seth York, Raul Alvarez, Nancy Guige, Lynnae Selberg, Whitney Harper, Diane Patrick, Jason Schueller, Sara Dorer, Tina Hoxie, Ashlee Pipoly, Lori Cook, Ed Sosa and Paul Phifer. These folks helped us welcome 46 counselors from a variety of area high schools. They also led focus groups with these counselors. We’d also like to thank President Ender for welcoming the counselors to GRCC.”

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