Job Training Graduation 12/7/11 – Photos

12-7-11 graduates (Small)

Yesterday, GRCC’s Job Training program held another successful graduation ceremony as approximately 100 students graduated in the areas of: Automotive Technician, Welding/Fabrication, Introduction to Construction, Green Construction Remodeling, Residential Construction, Construction Electrical, Computer Applications Specialist, Computer Support Technician and Machinist/CNC.

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Speakers at the event included:

  • Scott Mattson- Job Training Manager
  • George Waite – Director, Leslie E Tassell M-TEC
  • Fiona Hert – Dean, School of Workforce Development
  • Mike Julian – Board Member, Tassell-Wisner-Botrall Foundation
  • Richard Ryskamp – Trustee, GRCC BOT

Also in attendance was GRCC  Board of Trustees member Richard Verburg.


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