Experiential Learning Open House Today

The Department of Experiential Learning, provides students with unique experiential learning opportunities, instructors with alternative teaching methods, and community partners with needed resources and services. We strive to understand and advocate for the needs of each stakeholder simultaneously to make a meaningful difference in the lives of all!

  • Receive helpful support from our department staff
  • Learn more about our great programs and events
  • Network with GRCC staff, students, faculty, and community partners
  • Refreshments are available

Find out more about the department and its numerous offerings Today, December 13, 2011 from 2-4 p.m. at t he Raider Grill (Room 203, Student Center)

Criminal Justice Students Making a Difference

cj140studentsmakingadifference (Small)

CJ 140 Juvenile Delinquency students are making a difference this semester in the community. A portion of this class focused on students assessing causational factors of delinquency. Students determined that poverty and socialeconomic status play a significant part in juvenile delinquency.

As a result of this finding, students collected clothing items to give to Family Promise Inc. , an agency that services homeless families that are in need of housing and clothing as part of their final class project.

Pictured are CJ students Jamika White and Miranda Jones-Martin.

GRCC in the News – 12/13/11

Wright Township Board choses 22-year-old Josh Westgate to be next supervisor
Published: Monday, December 12, 2011, 4:00 PM | Grand Rapids Press

The Wright Township Board of Trustees has unanimously voted to select Trustee Josh Westgate to be the township’s new supervisor. He will replace Joann Becker who is resigning from the office effective Dec. 31. […] He received an associate’s degree in business administration from Grand Rapids Community College.  (More)

Energy Conservation Program Reminder for the Holiday Shutdown

Our faculty and staff members did a great job pitching in to save energy for our Thanksgiving break. Thank you! Here’s your reminder that the Winter Break is almost upon us and this shutdown period is one of the most important of the year for saving energy. As you prepare for longer break, take a few minutes to ready your area for this vital shutdown:


· All refrigerators should be unplugged, cleaned out with its doors propped open. We recommend that this be completed at least one day prior to staff leaving for the shutdown so the unit can be monitored for excessive melting of built up ice in the freezer area:

  • Unplug the unit
  • Empty the appliance of all food
  • Block the door open so air can circulate and discourage mildew

· Power down all copiers/printers /scanners

· Unplug equipment such as computers/monitors/speakers, radios, televisions, mobile phone chargers, and power supplies for laptops, cell phones, etc. (These devices continue to consume power when plugged in even when they are not connected to the device)

· Turn off classroom equipment including Smartboards, projectors, etc.

· Check to make sure all equipment is switched off in meeting rooms

· Please be aware that personally owned space heaters are prohibited. If you have a personally owned space heater on campus it is highly recommended that you take it with you when you leave for the holiday break.


· Power off/unplug all unnecessary lab equipment

· Ensure all fume-hood sashes are closed, and all fume-hood lights are turned off

NOTE: Unplugging equipment is preferable to turning it off as most electronic equipment continues to use power even when turned off. If, however, your equipment is plugged into a switched power strip, please shut off the power switch on the power strip.

Math Seminar “Why People Trust Statistics” – Video

On December 7, 2011 – the GRCC Mathematics Department hosted its monthly Mathematics Seminar in 108 Cook. GRCC Adjunct Mathematics Instructor Steve Harris presented “Why People Trust Statistics” and the video of the presentation is available here  courtesy of the Media Technologies department: