Is GRCC Achieving the Dream?

Linda Spoelman, faculty representative to the Achieving The Dream (AtD) committee here at GRCC, is presenting an update on our efforts to date on the Reading Apprenticeship (RA) portion of AtD today at Dean’s Council. Here is a brief summary of Linda’s report:

Winter 2011 – Introduction to RA delivered at AFP learning day; reading faculty given more in-depth introduction to RA.

Fall 2011 Training

  1. RA training for all reading adjuncts–August 2011
  2. Three day RA training for 32 developmental faculty and staff, including tutor coordinators–Sept 29-Oct 1.
  3. In-depth study of RA adopted as topic for reading instructors’ Professional Reading Group. Meetings held in October and November.
  4. RA training delivered at English Department learning day to all full time and several adjunct department members–Oct. 7.
  5. RA follow up workshop on questioning offered to those who attended the Sept/Oct. training–November 4.
  6. Fall 2011 Assessment: Zoomerang survey assessing instructor perception of RA effectiveness delivered to the workshop attendees–December 4.

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