GRCC Cited in Blackboard Press Release

GRCC was featured as a case study in a recent press release for the educational content management system Blackboard:

Blackboard plans for the solution to provide a complete view of teaching and learning, monitoring usage patterns and data in the learning management system (LMS) along with information from the student information system. The real-time and longitudinal data generated by the system would be used to help better engage students, measure and improve learning outcomes, and assess the adoption and use of online learning tools.

A number of four-year colleges and universities and two-year community colleges are participating in the field trial, including the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Seton Hall University, Grand Rapids Community College and Montgomery County Community College. All of the institutions currently use Blackboard Learn 9.1 for learning management, and will provide feedback on the solution as well as how they use the information it generates to help shape final development of the product.

“For years, we’ve sought ways to understand student performance and course effectiveness in our online learning programs,” said Kevin O’Halla, chief information officer at Grand Rapids Community College. “Blackboard Analytics for Blackboard Learn gives us greater insight, not just in a static semester-by-semester fashion, but over time, and in real time. While still in the trial, we’re already seeing how Grand Rapids can make better decisions about our course delivery to help ensure student success through a tool that is easy for end user analysis.”

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