New Online Courses Approved at GRCC

The Distance Learning and Instructional Technologies Department would like to thank the following faculty and departments for submitting and receiving Deans Council Approval to begin development of the following courses:

Paul Phifer | Counseling Dept./CLS | CLS 101 – Career Decision Making

Aimee Pawlowski | English | EN 249 – Technical Writing

Doug Wiersma | Construction Trades

  • ELEC 010 – Electrical
  • ELEC 020 – Electrical 2
  • ELEC 030 – Electrical 3
  • ELEC 040 – Electrical 4

Colette Smiley | Dental Auxiliary Programs | DAA112 – Science for the Dental Assistant

Ray Hinkle | AR-Mechanical and Architectural Design | AR 108 – Residential Building Codes

Interested in developing a new online course? Please visit: and also let us know how we can assist at:

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