Raider Salute to Complaint Management Team

Student Satisfaction Fair - 01-18-12

A huge thank you to the entire Complaint Management Team, but especially Kristen Seevers, Francisco Ramirez, and Ashlee Pipoly for making the Student Satisfaction Fair a success. The students that attended seemed to appreciate the opportunity to provide feedback. In their sharing, they also posted the following “shout outs” to others around the college (spelled as they posted them):

  • Professor Melivile
  • Prof. Patrick Johnson is awesome
  • The female cashier in the Raider Grille always greets me with a smile
  • Dr. Neils is an angel
  • I love Mrs. Mohammad
  • Health sciences have amazing profs. Especially rad. Tech
  • Music building secretary
  • Cathy Green
  • Definitely keep Professors Robert Blage and Nora Neill

Overall, we received great feedback. Many people also mentioned the great service they get at our Tutoring labs on campus. When asked if they wanted to share anything else, one person wrote, “I’m glad I decided to come to GRCC.”

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