GRCC Culinary Students Vie for Internships at Prestigious Locations Around the World

Secchia Institute Students Vie for Internships Abroad

Dante Owens Jr. along with many more Secchia Intitute for Culinary Education Students interviewed today for a few premier spots at some of the world’s most prestigious resorts. The Glen Eagles and Saint Andrews are two of the locations at which our students have been working over the past several years. Chef Angus Campbell of SICE arranges these Skype interviews for the students with the Executive Chef Ian and Sous Chef Sharon every year. Our students perform so well for them over the extraordinarily busy summer months that they have gone from requesting 6 students per year to wanting 10 or more.

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This summer we will have students in Scotland, Italy, Hawaii, California, and Florida to name a few locations. We feel that students that experience work and culture beyond our borders come back with more than just technical skill enhancement. They come back with their lives enhanced.

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