Raider Salute to Mary Kay Bethune

The Upward Bound office sent this salute:

The Upward Bound Staff would like to recognize Mary Kay and thank her for teaching the Upward Bound students and families the importance of filling out the FAFSA and about the process as well as answering any financial aid questions they had during the Upward Bound Senior FAFSA Night. Her passion for community outreach and post-secondary access was apparent as we watched her interact with our students and their parents. Thank you Mary Kay!

One thought on “Raider Salute to Mary Kay Bethune

  1. Ditto to the comments made regarding Mary Kay! She has been a presenter to the students in my CSL 100 classes and is always informative and engaging with the students.The passion for what she does,as mentioned in the salute, is apparent. Thank you for all you do for our students Mary Kay!

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