Have Training, Will Travel – Staff Development Offering On-Site Learning

Do you know what the most common comments are on evaluations for Staff Development learning opportunities? “I wish my boss was here.” “I wish my whole department could take this.” “I wish my co-workers could hear this.” Rings of a common melody, doesn’t it? At almost every session around topics on communication, building trust and team effectiveness, we hear just slight variations of the same tune.

We are listening! Staff Development has training and will travel! Our staff and consultants in Staff Development are willing to offer training for intact work groups or departments at your location, on your time schedule. Workplace learning is most effective when it occurs with your direct co-workers, your boss, or team. Learning together provides the entire group with a common language for discussing differences, communicating effectively, and working collaboratively to achieve a common goal.

We offer a multitude of topics from conflict resolution, communication effectiveness, DiSC profiles, StrengthsFinder to personal listening skills, work expectations and more. If there is a topic that interests you that we do not offer, we are willing to research it and find the right facilitator for the job. Departments that have requested and incorporated intact workgroup training include: IT, School of Workforce Development, Upward Bound, and ISIS.

Please contact MaryBeth Beighley if you would like to discuss this opportunity for your team.

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