Learning Opportunities From Staff Development Thursday 4/5/12

Staff Development would like to put forth a challenge to all GRCC staff to fill both sessions taking place this Thursday. The sessions detailed below have met the number of minimum participants to keep the session alive. However, there are still seats available and we’d be thrilled to have you join one or both. Register today at http://cms.grcc.edu/currentlearning

Defusing Rude Behavior
Thursday April 5, 2012 | 2-4:00 PM | 129 Main

Sara Dorer understands it can be difficult to know how to react when you are confronted with rude behavior. In this course, she will facilitate the examination of a number of cases of rude behavior and will provide participants with effective tactics to responding in these situations.

Project Management 101
Thursday April 5, 2012 | 9-11:00 AM | 129 Main

Joan Epperson leads a hands-on session that will examine basic processes for project management including assembling a team, defining project objectives and scope, identifying and communicating with stakeholders, creating a timeline, delegating responsibilities, monitoring progress, and examining indicators of process effectiveness and accomplishment of objectives. Tools for project management are provided.

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