Mathematics Seminar – Number Theory Potpourri 4/18/12

The Grand Rapids Community College Mathematics Department will host its last monthly Mathematics Seminar of the 2011-2012 academic year on Wednesday, April 18, 3:00 – 4:00 PM in 111 Cook. Our speaker will be GRCC Adjunct Mathematics/Physics Instructor Tom Post. The title and abstract for Tom’s talk may be found below.

Number Theory can be tantalizingly simple, maddeningly difficult and, above all, beautiful. The topics to be discussed have the potential to amaze attendees and provoke desire for further study.

Pop and cookies will be served at 2:45 PM.

Number Theory Potpourri

This informal talk will feature a collection of interesting topics from the branch of mathematics called number theory. Topics of discussion will include Collatz’s Sequence, the Golden Ratio, Fibonacci Numbers and Binet’s formula, Pythagorean Triples, Continued Fraction Expansions, and Solutions to Pell’s Diophantine Equation.

Learning Opportunities From Staff Development 5/23/12-8/8/12

For all of you ‘foodies’ out there, Staff Development has created four new sessions that will focus on cooking healthy with grains and herbs, choosing the right cuts of meat, and how to provide a healthy dinner while maintaining a budget. This series of sessions will be facilitated by Tara Reitsma. Please register at

Cooking With Herbs
Wed May 23, 2012 | 1-2:30 PM | Room 109-111 ATC (Secchia Institute for Culinary Arts Classroom Kitchen)

Do you want to add flavor to your food without adding fat? Learn how to utilize fresh and dried herbs in your everyday cooking and try some fun, new recipes. Tips and tricks for planting and storing fresh herbs will also be presented. Learning Objectives: Learn how to add herbs to everyday cooking. Learn new recipes. Tips and tricks for planting & storing fresh herbs

Breaking Down Beef Cuts 
Wed June 20, 2012 | 1-2:30 PM | Room 109-111 ATC (Secchia Institute for Culinary Arts Classroom Kitchen)

Learn how to decipher all those cuts of beef in the meat aisle of your local grocery store and where they come from on the cow. Find out the difference between a short loin and a sirloin and what cooking method is best for each cut.

Healthy Dinner on a Budget
Wed July 25, 2012 | 1-2:30 PM | Room 109-111 ATC (Secchia Institute for Culinary Arts Classroom Kitchen)

Who says eating healthy has to be expensive? Sign up for our “Healthy Dinner on a Budget” and learn to prepare a healthy entree for a family of four, all for under $12. We’ll provide you with tips, techniques and information on how to choose some of the healthiest and most inexpensive ingredients available in your weekly grocery ad. Come and enjoy an afternoon of fun while you learn how to prepare a gourmet meal on a budget!

Cooking With Healthy Grains
Wed August 8, 2012 | 1-2:30 PM | Room 109-111 ATC (Secchia Institute for Culinary Arts Classroom Kitchen)

It’s time to trade in those boring, starchy potatoes and pastas for more nourishing and exciting choices. In this class, you’ll learn how to take healthy grains and turn them into easy and delicious side dishes that everyone is sure to love. Learning Objectives: Learn to make healthy grains; Learn about different side dishes; Learn about the benefits of grains.

Honors Program Open House – Photos


On Monday April 9th, the Department of Experiential Learning (Service Learning – Honors- Study Away) along with Admissions hosted the GRCC Honors Program Open House for incoming freshman (and parents) who have both applied to GRCC and meet the Honors Program criteria.

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Nearly 100 guests were able to learn more about the Honors Program while casually meeting with Honors faculty, students, and alumni. Additionally, the Open House consisted of (4) main information booths focused on Experiential Learning, Honors Program, Financial Aid, and Advising. I want to thank everyone that helped to make this event so successful. More photo’s of the event can be found at

What Sustainability Means to Me – Video

Recently the West Michigan Sustainable Business Forum held an essay contest that invited community members to describe what sustainability means to them. GRCC’s own Brian Shultz received an honorable mention for his contribution, and courtesy of the Media Technologies department the recognition event featuring the entrants reading their essays is available on Youtube: