Sexual Misconduct Policy Updated

Sexual Misconduct Policy: Recent Federal guidance regarding Title IX requires Colleges to identify a Title IX Compliance Officer, adopt procedures to minimize the risk of sexual misconduct and respond appropriately when sexual misconduct occurs. GRCC has modified our Sexual Harassment Policy to address these requirements.

  • Changed title to “Sexual Misconduct Policy”
  • Added descriptions of sexual misconduct
  • Added sentence to section A of IX Definitions which describes who may be affected by sexual misconduct
  • Added Section I to IX Definitions which provides further examples of sexual misconduct
  • Added #3 to Section A of X Procedures stating that complaints from students will be investigated by the Conduct Office consistent with the process established in the Student Code of Conduct.
  • Added sentence to #5 of Section C of X Procedures stating that the validity of a complaint involving a student shall be determined in accordance with the process set forth in the Student Code of Conduct .

Contact the Office of General Counsel with any questions or concerns.  View the policy here.

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