Streamline Course Pack Permissions

Many professors use copyrighted materials to support instruction. One way to make them available to your students is through a link on Blackboard. For information or assistance with Blackboard article linking, send a message to Another method to provide copyrighted content is by purchasing permission from the copyright holder. GRCC subscribes to a site license that will help you maintain compliance for copyrighted material you need to teach your classes. Copyright permissions are limited to one semester, so if you are re-using material, you will need to renew permission each semester. Faculty members have personal liability in copyright cases and so will want to remain in compliance.

GRCC subscribes to Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) “a not-for-profit U.S. company based in Danvers, Massachusetts, that provides collective copyright licensing services for corporate and academic users of copyrighted materials. CCC procures agreements with rights holders, primarily text publishers and authors, both for print and online, and acts as agent for them. This ‘collective agent’ status allows CCC to represent thousands of publishers and hundreds of thousands of authors and other creators” (Wikipedia, July 12, 2011). CCC supplies permission but not the copyrighted content itself. If a faculty member does not have permission to copy something, the CCC will contact the publisher for them. The faculty member would need to fill out a request form from the website. Some requests have a fee.

Simple to Use

Navigate to

Enter a title or International Standard Number (ISN) in the search box labeled “Get Permission” or use the Advanced Search link.


If CCC has a relationship with the rights holder, navigate to the tab that says, “Annual License Options”. Our license covers many, but not all titles. Some titles are covered by our license. For others, there will be a fee indicated.


For more information about Copyright

GRCC library faculty members recommend Copyright Law for Educators and Know Your Copy Rights: Using Copyrighted Works in Academic Settings. City University of New York’s Baruch College offers an interactive guide to using multimedia in courses.

The Chronicle’s Wired Campus Newsletter suggests resources available from Reed College and The University of Maryland-University College.

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