Energy Conservation Encourages Earth Day Participation – GRCC Reduces Energy Consumption 18.5 Pct, Saves $2,980,022

While the world celebrates Earth Day this month, GRCC faculty, staff and students are participating as well, by continuing to save energy and resources.

Since GRCC began the program in May of 2008, energy consumption has been reduced by 141,910 MMBTUs. That reduction translates into the equivalent of 14,941 tons of carbon dioxide removed from the atmosphere, or 2,682 passenger cars removed from the road, or 382,154 trees planted.

This Earth Day, ask yourself, are you doing your part to promote energy conservation on campus? Think about how you might change your energy use habits if the utility companies only provided the college a finite number of kilowatts of electricity and therms of gas per month. Energy conservation does take some effort but think how better our planet will be if we all take a few steps to reduce our energy use every day. You can make a difference. By continuing to change our practices we can save real dollars, reduce our carbon footprint, and be good stewards of the environment.

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