Congrats to New Faculty Certified to Teach Online and Hybrid Classes

Congratulations to the following faculty for successfully completing the Online and Hybrid Certification Course at GRCC! This is an outstanding achievement and is an important part of expanding distance learning at the college.

In fact, online learning continues to grow at GRCC with over 5,100 student enrollments this Winter semester in online courses. This represents a 20% increase in one year. Furthermore, according to the 2011 Survey of Online Learning, the number of students taking at least one online course has now surpassed 6 million with nearly 1/3 of all students in higher education are taking at least one online course. This trend, along with GRCC’s Distance Learning College Action Project’s purpose which is to expand the college’s online learning program so that 25% of the courses at GRCC are offered in the online and hybrid format demonstrates the commitment to distance learning.

The Department of Distance Learning and Instructional Technologies would like to recognize the following faculty in their recent Online & Hybrid Certification:

  • John Butler | English
  • Jianchu Chen | Language and Thought
  • Candace Dubay | English
  • Lyna Goto | Biology
  • Sheryl Iott | Music
  • James Keating | Visual Arts
  • Julie Lackscheide | Radiologic Technology
  • Chris Loiselle | Business
  • Sean Mackey | English
  • Kristin McKenzie | Business
  • Rana Woodhull | Busines
  • Ennis Young | Psychology

Thanks to the EOL faculty facilitators, the DLIT team, and the CTE for providing support for this certification process. See full post with additional information here.

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