GRCC Wellness Boot Camp Runs 2012 River Bank Run 5K

GRCC was well represented at the Fifth Third River Bank Run this year. Congratulations to all who participated and to their friends and families, there with them in the race, or chearing them on.  Reminder: there’s still time to get involved in GRCC’s wellness opportunities for staff.

2012 Riverbank Run

Brenda Spratling: “GRCC Wellness Bootcamp class runs the 5K at the 35th annually Fifththird River Bank Run on Saturday. Thank you to Bootcamp coach Cheryl Floyd for all the encouragement and training to get us there. We couldn’t have done it without you! You’re the BOMB!!”

Send your Riverbank Run photos to – we’d love to feature them.

3 thoughts on “GRCC Wellness Boot Camp Runs 2012 River Bank Run 5K

    • Thanks Sandy! I learn from the Best…My Students who have learned to be disciplined and make movement a part of there lives!

      Wellness Coach

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