Summer Construction – Walkways and Bridges Around Campus

The Main/Cook Building main entrance stairs will be partially closed for replacement of the deteriorating steps, the entrance will be accessible during the repairs by using the handicap ramp adjacent to the steps. There will be some excessive noise during the removal process that will take approx. 4-6 hours, this work will start on May 29th.

The bridge that connects the top level of the Bostwick Ramp to the Student Center 3rd level will have a temporary low-profile plate placed over a designated repair area, about a one day interruption starting Thursday May 24th. The bridge will remain open at all times.

GRCC Will Begin Paying All Employees Electronically in July

Grand Rapids Community College will implement a policy of 100% electronic payment for paychecks issued on or after July 6, 2012. This will be achieved through traditional direct deposit and with the use of pay cards.

Human Resources has decided to partner with Lake Michigan Credit Union to provide pay cards to employees. This new initiative will save College resources while still allowing an option for those who do not want to move to direct deposit.

Employees who are currently receiving a paper check have the option of signing up for direct deposit to any two financial institutions of their choice, or to sign up for the new pay card option. Forms will be available in the payroll department starting with the May 25, 2012 pay date.

Reminder – Dual Enrollment Policy Updated

Dual Enrollment Policy Changes:

  • Changed policy title from “Early College” to” Dual Enrollment” to accomplish alignment with the state legislative terminology.
  • The list of courses available for Dual Enrolled students were removed from the policy and replaced with a link. This provides easier access and ability to keep the course listing current.
  • The application fee references were removed from the procedure section to reflect the current no fee application practice.
  • Application deadlines were corrected to reflect current practice

To view the full policy, go here.