Raider Salute to all who Assisted With Yesterday’s Prospective Student Event

This Raider Salute comes from Eric Mullen & Lori Cook:

Last night, the Enrollment Center and Admissions hosted an event to help prospective students complete their application, take the accuplacer, get questions answered related to financial aid, speak with a counselor, and get registered for classes. Based on past similar events, we were expecting about 50 students to attend – however, we had over 230 participants! We were overwhelmed with the volume that had arrived seemingly at the same time.
Fortunately, our colleagues (seeing the growing line) jumped into motion to help. Within 20 minutes we had an army of volunteers (staff and student employees) on site reorganizing the lines to move people through quicker, triaging students to quickly respond to their questions and needs, locating rooms to help up test additional students, and much more. We would like to thank everyone for their help (and we may have missed a few names in the flurry of activity). It is an exceptional feeling to know you work in a community where you colleagues will drop what they are doing in an instant to come to your help. We appreciate you all! Also, special thanks to the Enrollment Center and Admissions team members who rolled with the event last night and took great care of all our participants.
Much appreciation to these folks for helping last night, staying late, and just jumping in to help – Gilda Gely, Deb Dewent, Art Johnson, Amr Abdel-Wahab, Erin Bussher, Lynnae Selberg, Fatima Nieves, Ashlee Mishler, Rafeal Pastrano, Emily Smitter, Kelli Chapman, Evan Macklin, Jose Mora, Tina Hoxie, Cathy Noviskey, and anyone else who we may have missed!

GRCC in the News – 7/20/12

Tonja’s Story
by Literacy Center of West Michigan (LiteracyCenter) on Thursday Jul 19th, 2012 05:32pm | The Rapidian

Hello my name is Tonja Lofton and I am a former adult learner and recent college graduate. I attended the Literacy Center back in 2004-2007 and my tutor’s name was Sue Sandberg. While at the Literacy Center, I attended several recognition dinners and received several awards. I graduated from Grand Rapids Community College in the winter of 2009 with an Associate in Arts.  (More)

IChallengeU to find solutions
KRYSTLE WAGNER | Grand Haven Tribune | 11:20 AM JUL 19 2012

Business professionals are stepping aside and lending an ear to high school students. As part of the IChallengeU program, six businesses partnered with 11th- and 12th-grade students from schools in the Ottawa Area Intermediate School District and presented them with a real problem their company is facing. […] One benefit for the students is they can receive four college credits at Grand Rapids Community College.  (More)

Western Michigan colleges see growth in enrollment for online classes
Crain’s Detroit Business, July 9 issue (page 2 – Michigan Briefs)

Colleges in West Michigan say more students are choosing to matriculate online. The number of Grand Rapids Community College students taking online course grew 13% for the summer semester, The Holland Sentinel reported. In response, the school has opened 40 new courses for next year.  Hope College and Grand Valley State University also have seen enrollment growth in online courses, The Sentinel said. The number of GrandValley students enrolling in online courses and those combining classroom and online instructions has more than doubled in the past five years. Hope has seen a slow increase since 2006, when it started to offering online summer classes. [No Link – Subscription/Print Only]