GRCC Students Benefit From Taking Walking for Fitness Summer 2012

GRCC PE/Wellness Department and Instructor Melanie Schiele Gady are taking strides to help make our community and state more healthy and fit. So what did GRCC students achieve this summer by taking a Walking for Fitness class?

1) Higher self-esteem

2) Learned how to eat more healthy (studied choose my plate and my pyramid, talked about eating less processed foods, white sugar and flour products, visited more Farmers markets to buy fresh produce)

3) Lowered blood pressure and cholesterol

4) Stopped smoking

5) Improved 1.5 mile walk/run test every student (this test measures Max VO2, heart rate and of course time to complete. Students needed to complete 1.5 mile test as fast as they could by running, running and walking or walking. Every student improved on their time, their Max VO2 and heart rate). Average time improvement was 1minute 30 seconds, heart rate improvement 7 beats, and average Max VO2 improvement 10. Max VO2 is the amount of oxygen you are able to bring in. So every student improved their lung capacity)

6) Being more active with the entire family (suggestions take family to local high school track. Come up with a fun activity that every person can do while there. Parents ran bleachers and track as kids played soccer on the field and played on scooters on the sidewalks. Afterwards, the family played a fun game of soccer 2 against 2).

7) Lost weight and improved Body Mass Index

8) Credit towards graduation

9) Students working out at least 150 minutes a week

10) Students shared healthy recipes

11) Lost inches around the waist (waist circumference for Men should be less than 40 inches and Women less than 35 inches)

12) Learned important health numbers (cholesterol, BMI, blood pressure, Waist circumference, and fasting glucose)

What are you doing to improve your health and fitness?

What are some of your health goals this year?

You can achieve them!

Sign up for a GRCC PE/Wellness class or ask one of our Department Instructors for advice on how to improve your health. Take action now and improve your life expectancy and lower your risk for diseases like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke. Be healthy and be fit.

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