Raider Salute to Drs Gilda Gely and Ric Underhile

This Salute was sent in by Eric Kunnen in the Distance Learning and Instructional Design department:

“I would like to offer a Raider Salute to Provost Gilda Gely and Associate Dean Ric Underhile who supported my attendance and provided a letter of recommendation for the 2012 Instructional Technology Council (ITC) Leadership Academy that I attended in July.

Here in a photo from the ITC event (with Anne Johnson, Dean of Business, Inver Hills Community College and Mickey Slimp, Executive Director, Northeast Texas Consortium of Colleges and Universities).

I had the opportunity to connect with more than 25 other community college distance learning administrators across the nation while also learning best practices in the field of online learning.

Gilda Gely and Ric Underhile both exhibited a commitment to the GRCC Values of “Excellence” and “Innovation” by encouraging me to strive for the highest standards while also seeking out creative solutions through networking and connecting with peers.

Finally, their support of my attendance at this event contributes to the GRCC Access End in the College’s work to expand distance learning to minimize the barriers of time and place so that all members of the community have an opportunity to participate in college programs.”

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