Coming up in the Center for Teaching Excellence – 8/24/12-3/15/13

The Center for Teaching Excellence is the faculty professional development hub for Distance Learning and Instructional Technologies, the Department of Experiential Learning, the Library & Learning Commons and other faculty offerings for full- and part-time faculty at GRCC and, where applicable, from other institutions of Higher Education. We are located on the main campus in 310 Main, offering professional development all throughout GRCC campuses.

Friday 8/24

Faculty Dropins – CTE and DLIT Faculty and Staff
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Center for Teaching Excellence, 3rd Floor Main
No registration necessary
Need Blackboard help? Want to check out its newest updates? Questions about syllabus, classroom management, best practices, navigation around the College? Drop in at your leisure for some help, refreshments, and camaraderie.

Adjunct Faculty Learning Day – Diane Sparks, Education/Liaison for Faculty Professional Development – Adjunct Faculty
10:00 AM – 2:15 PM
Applied Technology Center

Choose up to three 75-minute sessions to kick off your semester. Though geared toward Adjunct Faculty, these are open to all faculty from GRCC and other institutions of Higher Ed:

  • Early Alert/Degree Works
  • Linking Library Resources
  • Blackboard Basics
  • Disability Support Services
  • Searching Like a Faculty Member
  • Syllabus Workshop
  • First Day Activities
  • Career Development Orientation
  • Counseling Services Overview


Adjunct Faculty Learning Days -Diane Sparks, Education/Liaison for Faculty Professional Development – Adjunct Faculty
Specially designed for our Adjunct Faculty but open to all faculty from GRCC and other institutions of higher education
Saturday, 8 AM to Noon, Applied Technology Center September 15 October 13 November 10
Connect with your colleagues over coffee, meet our academic administrators and enjoy a morning of a variety of topics geared toward supporting our Adjunct Faculty members. Hold these dates and watch your mail for more details.

Getting Results @ GRCC – Ann Alexander, Business/Faculty Development Coordinator
Specially designed for our Adjunct Faculty but open to all faculty from GRCC and other institutions of higher education
Mon, 9/17/12 – Sun, 10/28/12 Register
This six-week online course with optional in-person meetings provides a comprehensive approach to teaching adults in the community college setting. Learn to set up and manage a classroom environment that contributes to students’ abilities to engage fully in learning, envision students in the jobs for which they are preparing and design courses that help them learn the skills, issues, and concepts they will need to succeed, use teaching methods that encourage students to be actively and interactively engaged throughout a learning experience, create learning opportunities that integrate industry and community resources and better prepare students for jobs in the workplace, choose and implement appropriate technologies for enhancing students’ learning, and create assessments that focus on intended outcomes and the instructor’s own teaching.

Introduction to MyDegreeWorks
– Lynnae Selberg, Program Director, Counseling and Career Center
Select one session:
Mon, 9/10/12 03:00PM-04:00PM 351 Main Register
Fri, 9/14/12 01:00PM-02:00PM 351 Main Register
Mon, 9/17/12 09:30AM-10:30AM 351 Main Register
Th, 9/20/12 10:00AM-11:00AM 351 Main Register
Th, 9/20/12 03:30PM-04:30PM 351 Main Register
This learning session will introduce faculty to MyDegreePath, a web-based student degree audit program designed to help students track their degree progress, identify classes for registration and to build a semester by semester plan to graduation. Learn how to read a MyDegreePath audit, use it as an adivising tool, utilize notes, assist students in planning and running a “what if” audit. Note: This semester, this training is limited to full-time GRCC faculty since they will be the first to use the program.

Best Practices and Practical Examples to Implement Principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and Increase Course Accessibility – Cheryl Kautz, Computer Applications
Th, 9/13/12 03:00PM-04:30PM 219 ATC Register
This learning session will look at the UDL principles and its role in curriculum development, help faculty determine how well the principles of UDL are currently deployed in their courses, and demonstrate how faculty can implement best practices and practical examples to make courses more accessible to all students.

Practice What You Teach – Mursalata Muhammad, English/DLIT Faculty Facilitator
Begins Fri, 9/28/12 09:00AM-10:30AM 316 Main Register
Monthly dates: 9/28, 10/26, 11/30, 12/14, 1/18, 2/15, 3/22
Register for the whole program via the 9/28 date

Designed to define, share, practice and produce teaching and learning scholarship at GRCC, this seven-part series will run monthly (dates above). Using the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, a practitioner-scholarship based approach to research to teaching in higher education, learn to define practitioner-scholarship (SoTL) at GRCC, share best practices for creating scholarship, practice techniques for producing a variety of teaching techniques, lessons, and scholarship and produce and share teaching techniques, lessons, and other practitioner-scholar work.

Creating Rubrics for Dual Purposes: Grading & Assessment – Katie Daniels, Curriculum Specialist
Select one session:
Mon, 10/1/12 03:00PM-04:30PM 316 Main Register
Fri, 10/26/12 09:00AM-10:30AM 316 Main Register
Rubrics are an effective tool for both grading and assessment of student learning. Review the contexts in which rubrics can and should be used, and the advantages creating rubric that can serve the dual purposes of grading and assessment of student learning. Common rubric formats will be shared and evaluated based on their intended purpose. The basic steps for writing an effective rubric will be reviewed and applied to specific faculty needs. Recommended followup: Blackboard Interactive Rubrics (see below)

Technology Offerings by Distance Learning and Instructional Technologies

Advanced Blackboard – Meegan Willi, Instructional Designer
Fri, 9/7/12 01:30PM-03:00PM 351 Main Register

Learn new and advanced features and functionalities in the latest version of Blackboard. This session is designed for advanced Blackboard users and those already familiar with the basics of Blackboard.

Adding Video to your Course – Meegan Willi, Instructional Designer
Fri, 11/16/12 09:00AM-10:30AM 351 Main

Did you know that there are large repositories of video content that may be available for you to use without having to create your own recordings? Discover Blackboard tools to embed video directly into your courses from YouTube, NBC Content, and Camtasia Relay.

Blackboard Basics – Distance Learning and Instructional Technology (DLIT) Faculty
Fri, 10/12/12 11:30AM-12:30PM 351 Main Register

Always online – open entry, open exit – register via email to
A quick overview of using the most current version of Blackboard in teaching, learning, and community building. Learn to increase student access to materials, assessments, and grades. Learn to use the control panel, how to create announcements, upload items and create folders and best practices.

Blackboard Grade Center – Distance Learning and Instructional Technology (DLIT) Faculty
Wed, 9/5/12 03:30PM-04:30PM 351 Main Register
Always online – open entry, open exit – register via email to
The Grade Center supports custom grading scales, grade weighting, item analysis, and multiple gradebook views. Learn to record and store student performance results.

Blackboard Interactive Rubrics – Meegan Willi, Instructional Designer
Select one session:
Mon, 10/15/12 03:00PM-04:30PM 351 Main Register
Fri, 11/9/12 09:00AM-10:30AM 351 Main Register
Blackboard Interactive Rubrics are grading forms that are fully integrated into the course management system that may be used to grade discussion forums, wikis, blogs, assignments and essay formatted test questions. The rubrics provide a way for faculty to consistently and fairly assess student work. Learn how to create and import a rubric into your course and associate it with a discussion forum, wiki, blog, assignment, test question or grade book column. This is a great followup to Creating Rubrics for Dual Purposes: Grading & Assessment.

i>Clicker Training -Lisa Gloege, Economics/DLIT Faculty Facilitator
Mon, 10/8/12 03:00PM-04:00PM 204 Sneden Register
Fri, 11/2/12 09:00AM-10:00AM 351 Main Register
i>clicker is GRCC’s campus standard for student response systems.. Using i>clicker can significantly change the way you and your students interact by enabling you to assess your students’ knowledge, keep their attention, provide immediate feedback, and encourage all students to participate. Learn ‘hands on’ how to use the i>clicker classroom response system in your classes.

Online Hybrid Certification Course – Garry Brand, Business/Faculty Development Coordinator, Technology
Online with optional meetings on Fridays
10/12/12 – 11/18/12 Register
1/18/13 – 2/22/13 Register
3/15/13 – 4/21/13 Main Register
Become certified to teach online by learning to plan, construct and manage your own online or hybrid course. This is a full-fledged, academic, five-week, online/hybrid course. All five weeks and a final project must be completed for certification. You will be required to log in and attend, meet minimum standards for participation, and submit assignments. Please review the course syllabus to make sure you are able to commit to the entire course before registering. One of the greatest lessons you will get out of this experience is how it feels to be a student. Prerequisite: Blackboard Basics or Blackboard Bootcamp or Adjunct Faculty Institute.

The Center for Teaching Excellence is the We are located on the main campus in 310 Main, offering professional development all throughout GRCC campuses.  Reach the CTL at:

  • 616-234-2278
  • Like them on Facebook at GRCC Center for Teaching Excellence
  • Follow them on Twitter @teachexcellence

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