Working Together to Save the Environment and the Budget With Energy Conservation

Grand Rapids Community College understands the effect of energy consumption on both the environment and the budget. With the cost of energy rising and environmental concerns growing, the college is proactively limiting energy consumption whenever and wherever possible.

The energy conservation program is designed to reduce utility energy consumption primarily when buildings are unoccupied. However, it also seeks to make students, faculty and staff more conscientious with conservation procedures for thermostats, lighting, computers and other resource-consuming systems.

By all of us working together, GRCC can become a model of thoughtful stewardship, not only of natural resources and the environment, but also taxpayer and tuition dollars. At the following link you will find energy guidelines, which outline some of the methods and procedures to reduce energy consumption in campus buildings.

Since GRCC began the program in May of 2008, the college has reduced energy consumption by 18.9% which totals $3,390,323 dollars in savings. That reduction translates into the equivalent of 16,984 tons of carbon dioxide removed from the atmosphere, or 3,048 passenger cars removed from the road, or 434,415 trees planted.

If you have a question about the GRCC Energy Program please email

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