USA Today Celebrating 30th Anniversary With Contest on Campus as Part of GRCC Partnership

USA Today

As you may be aware, GRCC has a special program on campus that provides copies of USA Today free to employees and students at kiosks that accept the Raidercard.  Right now – USA Today is celebrating its 30th anniversary and has a special contest:

September 15, 1982 a new era begin when USA TODAY became the first Nation’s Newspaper. This weekend they begin the next thirty years. The media landscape has seen drastic transformation and the way we get news and information is constantly evolving.

Be a part of a new beginning. Find a print copy of USA TODAY’s weekend edition (Sept. 14-16) on your campus. Take your photo with the new newspaper and something that identifies your school. Send it to us for our Birthday photo wall. 30 Prize Packs awarded for the best photos!  More information available here.

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