New Online Courses Approved – EN 249 and CLS 101

Online continues to grow nationwide and at GRCC with over 5,500 enrollments this Fall semester representing a 16 percent growth since 2011. This Fall, 21 percent of GRCC students are enrolled in at least 1 online course. The Distance Learning College Action Project is focused on expanding the online learning program to 25 percent of all courses.

Distance Learning and Instructional Technologies department would like to offer congratulations to the following faculty and their respective departments for working to develop the following courses for online delivery:

  • EN 249 – Technical Writing | Instructor: Aimee Pawlowski
  • CLS 101 – Career Decision Making  | Instructor: Paul Phifer

There are currently 27 more courses being developed in the following departments: Music, Architectural Deisng, Language and Thought, Spanish, Manufacturing, General Health, Computer Applications, Criminal Justice, Culinary Arts, Construction Trades, Business Applications, Counseling, and Physical Science.

Interested in teaching an online course? Become certified by taking the Online and Hybrid Certification Course which begins on October 12. Sign up through the Center for Teaching Excellence at:

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