Salute to Women 2013 Call for Nominations

Celebrate a GRCC woman! Have someone you admire join the women who have been honored through Salute to Women since 1999. Recognition of the award recipients is part of Women’s History Month and is celebrated through a formal reception on March 26, 2013. (Nomination Form Available Here).

Objectives of the Salute to Women Award are to: Honor GRCC women (alumna, students, employees, and former employees) who are exemplary in their roles as professionals, volunteers, or agents of change; Celebrate the diversity of the accomplishments of women throughout the College; and to Encourage young women to pursue pathways to achievement.


  • Commitment to community service as evidenced by time and resources given Achievement within her profession or community noted by her impact, demonstrated success recognition by her peers, and the difference she makes to others.
  • Leadership indicated by her innovation, strength, flexibility, and risk-taking Empowers and inspires other women as a mentor, role model, and friend Has a positive impact on and is involved with students

*Not all suggested criteria are necessary, nor is this list intended to be limiting


  • GRCC Alumna
  • GRCC Employee
  • GRCC Student
  • GRCC Former Employee

More information:

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